1. sorry, but, I couldn’t resist merida’s face!

  2. regina is not jealous…

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    ehm, yes, I think I’ll just leave it here…

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  4. if exist a person who didn’t cry in this part, it’s a ra’zac

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  5. Worst movie adaptation?

    1. Percy: Ours was definitely the worst.
    2. Eragon: What are you talking about? Did you even see our movie?
    3. Percy: Are you kidding me? That pearl crap, what was that?
    4. Eragon: Orik doesn't even exist in our movie!
    5. Percy: We were supposed to be twelve! Annabeth was played by a 20-something year old!
    6. Eragon: Murtagh's scar was on his stomach!
    7. Percy: Annabeth was brunette!
    8. Eragon: Arya was blonde!
    9. Percy: Grover was black!
    10. Eragon:
    11. Eragon:
    12. Eragon:
    13. Eragon: Fine. But at least you get a second chance to fix some of it.
    14. Percy: There's only so much that can be done.
    15. Aang: Both of you can shut up.
  7. You are the only one
    The only one that sees me
    Trusts me and believes me

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    Once Upon a Time Cast!!!=)

  11. i love his hair

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  12. arejay *-*… MINE!

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    I love de saga of Eragon.

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    Chibi Checkmate

    By マリコ

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    @startrekmovie #StarTrek #IntoDarkness #JohnHarrison #BenedictCumberbatch #WIPs

    Just a GIF of WIPs from the John Harrison piece :)

    was one of the greatest villians i’ve ever seen!